Few Things Which Every Parent Should Teach Their Child/Children

4) “The True Meaning Of Secularism”

Religion, caste or community should never be a factor to differentiate or discriminate a certain individual and its important every child learns the true meaning of secularism. India is a secular country according to the constitution of the country, but on most occasions we see it being a mere theory which we never follow.

We often see communal riots killing thousands, which leads to creating more hatred, but hatred and peace can never go hand in hand. If we can teach our children that by following a different religion, we don’t become less or more mortal.

Quite certainly, the last thing we would want to see is kids of this generation instilling unnecessary love for community or religion, which would make him hate the ones who are not alike him.


5) “The Joy Of Sharing And Caring”

Picture Source: Czolacz/Flickr

There’s nothing wrong in being a self-obsessed individual, but that should never prevent you from loving others. Maybe the parents of the previous generations never found it apt to discuss such things with their children but its important that they preach them the joy of sharing and caring.

By spreading love and affection we can maintain a cordial relation in any surroundings and this is something every child should try to do from his schooling days. Paths of anger, frustration or agony never really take you to where you belong and when a person is surrounded by good people, he’d feel like he’s under the umbrella.

But you have to earn such kind of people in life, which might as well be more valuable than any assets or money you own.

Everyone teaches their child to become successful, to earn millions of bucks by working hard day and night etc., but these are few little things which quite certainly will have a massive impact on one’s life.

Anuraag Peesara
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