Few Things Which Every Parent Should Teach Their Child/Children

2) “Never Judge On The Basis Of Dressing!”

Every person who visits a temple wearing a traditional attire need not be good at heart and every person getting into a pub on torn jeans or any other western dresses need not be a criminal.

Hence, I personally feel this is one of the most important things which everyone should be teaching their children. An attire never really tells who you are and drawing peculiar conclusions watching a person’s dressing sense is absolutely rubbish.

An individual prefers clothes which are compatible with his comfort zone, something which everyone should respect. If a girl feels she finds her comfort zone in shorts or skirts, its her personal choice and that doesn’t give you any authority to stop her from doing what she wishes.


Picture Source: type-a-lifestyle.com

3) “Respect One’s Perspective, Regardless Of You Liking Or Not Liking It”

Every individual has an own perspective, which quite obviously differs. We might as well have our opinions on a certain idea of an individual but its imperative we respect it, regardless of liking or disliking his opinion. After all, its one of the fundamental rights of this country which states “Right to Freedom of Expression”.

Depending upon the way people are brought up and the way they grow up has a pivotal impact on how they think. Its the responsibility of parents to bring to their children’s notice that everyone doesn’t think the same but everyone think they’re right(which might not be the case).

Its important we shouldn’t belittle one’s ideology no matter how uncanny it is in our view. Dealing such things with virtuosity would always be a better option.

Anuraag Peesara
A philanthropic, self-obsessed individual, sometimes tedious, sometimes edgy, yet the positive vibes keep me alive. Stay calm, be yourself, its your life, do it your own way., my way is expressing via writing (typing rather).