He is a poor mechanic, But he sings better than Bollywood singers

Mahendra Panwar is the name which going viral on the social media. Though he is a poor mechanic and works over 12 hours at a garage in Indore to obtain a livelihood, however he possesses an unmatched skill of singing. His voice is so popular that people from far away places come to his place and request him to sing a song.


Last year, Mr. Panwar went for Indian Idol audition where he stood in queue for the whole night to get a chance to sing before judges. However he was not allowed. Mahendra alleges that workers of Indian Idol ask for money to allow people to sing.


His financial condition is very poor, he even struggled a lot to get money to travel to Mumbai for audition. Furthermore, the experience at the Indian Idol had indeed demotivated him so much so that he decided not to go for any audition.


When a member of The Youth approached him, he was delighted. Mahendra sang a song for us. Here is his performance.

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