“India was never intolerant in the annals of 10,000 years” says Dr. Satish


Tolerance & non violence has been stretched to such an extent that it has now become our weakness. Violence for the sake of violence is to be condemned. Picking up arms to preserve and protect the honor of our country on the other hand is laudable.


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There is no other country in the world as tolerant as India. Look around and you will see the truth. Who so ever comes to India is accepted and assimilated in the society without any turmoil. Moguls came, ruled and became part of Indian society. Persians came and easily got assimilated. Thousands and thousands of Indians, mainly from poor sections were converted to different religions, yet they were never slaughtered or rebuked.

Disintegration of Hindu community took place and various other ideologies emerged, like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and so on. Still all lived together as one society, one nation. There was no animosity, no hatred.

British Empire sowed the seeds of hatred as a parting gift, contaminating Muslim minds. Birth of Pakistan was the result. Soon religious flags were wrapped around hatred and war of religions ensued.

In spite of many attempts of instigation, Indians or I would say Hindus, never took to arms against other religious communities. The killings that are now happening world over never happened in India.

Indians are peace loving and tolerant. We strongly believe in brotherhood. We believe in co-existence and co-operation. We understand nature’s law of inter dependency.

After independence our representatives unfortunately turned out to be illiterate, short sighted and greedy. To be true they did more harm to India and Indian community than British. The separatist attitude on the basis of religion is their doing.

Please shout in the ears of these separatist religious communities and ask them to be Indian first.

Ask few questions to them and to yourself. 1) Are they not Indians who are born in India? 2) Are all of us not suppose to abide by our constitution? 3) Is ‘religion’ not a very personal affair, restricted to my house and my family? 4) How is it important in nation building?

It is time that we must curb such irrelevant differences and stand together as a nation.


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Dr. Satish Rajmachikar
71 year old Dr. Satish Rajmachikar from Pune (Maharashtra) is a well versed scholar. He has proved his potential in several fields throughout his life. Apart from writing columns in several news papers, he has also directed famous TV serials such as ‘Kuch Khoya Kuch Paya’, Abhimaan, Kinara’ etc. Now he is here among us at TheYouth, on our request, to guide youths of the 21st century.